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只要你喜歡ChromaLuxe 金屬照片的質感,我們很樂意協助您,製作出獨一無二、光彩閃亮的得意之作
插畫創作 X ChromaLuxe metal print 鋁板輸出
還在煩惱該選擇哪款紙張來輸出你的插畫作品? 現在早就已經有跳脫出紙張的基材選項了!
Is there any way to save the photos of coffee spilled and ice cream spilled?
Can you imagine spilling coffee on a photo and then having to wipe it clean?
Others don't want to send it, we send it ourselves
In the scorching summer, Sister Weisi is on a mission, no fear of the scorching heat, she will definitely accomplish her mission ❤️
ChromaLuxe aluminum works, will there be problems with sunlight exposure?
Your collection is printed on indoor boards, and it is recommended to hang them in indoor spaces with roofs, if...
You have worked hard on the creation, and the printing is handed over to us
Digitally created paintings, through metal impressions, as the light and angle change, the effect is really amazing...
Our Self Pickup Service
The "Ministry of Economic Affairs Zhongchuang Park" has admission regulations. In addition to our manpower considerations, only a limited number of self-pickup services are currently open.
Strive for environmentally friendly plain packaging
Let me share with you the current packaging method... how to pack it in a textured, environmentally friendly way, and deliver it to the destination safely and soundly!
A Note About Bulk Order Discounts
Feel free to contact us to learn more about discounts for bulk orders!
Further analysis of the life expectancy of "outdoor panels"
If the "outdoor board" is installed outdoors in Taiwan, according to ChromaLuxe's ​​official information, how many years can it be estimated?
Three-dimensional mounting + metal print of the metal frame of the archives, new on the shelf
I have kept you waiting for a long time, and the highly requested three-dimensional mounted metal print is finally available for order~
Five-star, high-quality work box service
Sister Wei Si explained in five minutes that we provide limited five-star, high-quality work box services
Why don't we provide overseas delivery service for international exhibits?
Why did we ship metal prints overseas for other clients, but not for her to exhibit in a museum in Japan?
New round three-dimensional aluminum frame
The newly launched round metal image is to be matched with a round aluminum frame~ Let's take a look at the details of this three-dimensional aluminum frame!
Color management can also be healed in this way, i1iO is praise
We will regularly dispatch ultra-high-end robotic arms to Control the color rendering of metal impressions!
Rather than providing fancy samples, it is better to provide free consultation
No merchant wants to provide unattractive samples to customers for reference, including us...
Metallic Imprint vs Giclee Comparison Chart
In order to make a complete analysis, we imitated Apple Daily and made a comparison table of wins and losses...
Dealership Authorization Certificates: New Uses for Metal Imprints
Such a high-end "Authorized Distributor Certificate" metal impression is really a good helper for expanding the company's business!