What is Shiny Metallic Impression?

Dazzling metal prints represent a new type of art and decorative media, which is to output the image and then transfer it to a metal plate with a special coating. Although the finished product is made of metal, it also preserves the delicate layers of the image. Hence the name "Dazzling Metal Imprint".

In particular, we use the ChromaLuxe patented metal aluminum plate, which is unanimously recommended by internationally renowned photography artists, to make metal prints to meet the highest quality requirements.

The video works produced by our precise printing technology not only have unparalleled details and vibrant colors, but also have a magical gloss on the surface, making you unable to put it down.

Dazzling metal prints and giclee photos are high-quality digital image output and printing technologies. Specifically, both use special ink and image output machines to present digital images on dedicated media , suitable for displaying photographic works, reproduced paintings, and digital prints, etc.

We analyze and compare popular graphic art installations based on image quality, display convenience, and preservation conditions. Of course, the quality and value of the dazzling metallic impressions are listed here first:

. The resolution and color performance of dazzling metallic images can present the details of high-quality digital images, and at the same time have a 3D stereoscopic effect. Without the need for complicated framing, the sturdy and lightweight dazzling metal prints are more suitable for transportation and display, and also allow viewers to directly face and appreciate the works without barriers. There is no other medium like dazzling metal prints, which can be preserved for a long time in hot and humid environments such as bathrooms, and can also be used for daily maintenance with household cleaning products. The dazzling metal prints based on aluminum plate, in addition to having its metal properties, scratch-resistant and flame-proof, the printed works are also safe and non-toxic, suitable for decoration in various occasions

Yes, Shiny Metallic Imprints are currently available in two finishes: High Gloss and Semi-Gloss.

Whether it is a high-gloss surface or a semi-gloss surface, the color performance and layers are equally excellent. The main difference lies in the brightness and reflection of the metal impression. We suggest that you consider ordering a small sample for the first time to compare the two different surface materials to determine Which surface material is right for your work!

At present, we only have a process research room, which is not open to the public, and there is no space for public display, please forgive me.

Our laboratory is located in the "Ministry of Economic Affairs Central Taiwan Innovation Park" in Zhongxing New Village, focusing on printing high-quality metal prints.

We also understand that dazzling metal printing is an innovative medium, and it is difficult to feel its charm without personal experience. Therefore, we specially provide personalized sample order service, so that you can experience this new medium up close, and at the same time Ability to compare two different surface materials at once. We believe that printing exclusive samples with images taken by ourselves can not only fully experience the charm of metal printing, but also be closer to the state of your actual printed works in the future.

From 2023 onwards, we will display samples at the "Ministry of Economic Affairs Central Taiwan Innovation Park". Reservations must be made at least four days in advance. You are welcome to make an appointment with us!

Time: Tuesday, Wednesday

Venue: Nantou City, "Public Hall Area" in Zhongchuang Park, Ministry of Economic Affairs (3-5pm)

Please make an appointment at least four days in advance so that we can prepare suitable samples, thank you!

At present, we provide printing services in various sizes, ranging from 20 x 30 cm to 100 x 150 cm, etc., suitable for various display purposes in different spaces:

Rectangle (vertical or banner)

  • 8 x 10" (approx. 20 x 25 cm) |High gloss finish ✓ |Semi-gloss finish ✓
  • 8 x 12" (approx. 20 x 30 cm) |High gloss finish ✓ |Semi-gloss finish ✓
  • 12 x 16" (approx. 30 x 40 cm)|High Gloss ✓ |Semi-Gloss-
  • 12 x 18" (approx. 30 x 45 cm)|High gloss finish✓ |Semi-gloss finish✓
  • 16 x 24" (approx. 40 x 60 cm)|High gloss finish✓ |Semi-gloss finish✓
  • 20 x 30" (approx. 50 x 75 cm)|High gloss finish ✓ |Semi-gloss finish ✓
  • 24 x 30" (approx. 60 x 75 cm)|High Gloss ✓ |Semi-Gloss-
  • 24 x 36" (approx. 60 x 90 cm)|High Gloss ✓ |Semi-Gloss-
  • 30 x 40" (approx. 75 x 100 cm)|High gloss finish✓ |Semi-gloss finish✓
  • 32 x 40" (approx. 80 x 100 cm)|High Gloss ✓ |Semi-Gloss-
  • 40 x 60" (approx. 100x150 cm)|High-gloss surface✓|Semi-gloss surface-


  • 10 x 10" (approx. 25 x 25 cm)|High Gloss ✓ |Semi-Gloss-
  • 16x 16" (approx. 40 x 40 cm)|High gloss finish✓ |Semi-gloss finish✓
  • 20 x 20" (approx. 50x50 cm)|High gloss finish✓ |Semi-gloss finish✓

Welcome to take a closer look at the price list of each size

The size of the public version is fixed, but we can also order special sizes according to your requirements... Special sizes are not troublesome, but more expensive.

Because we use relatively large aluminum plates to cut, the remaining material is useless, so the material cost of the aluminum plate will be calculated based on the relatively large aluminum plate, and the cost is relatively high. If you tell us your file pixels and the size of the work you want to make, we can suggest the most cost-effective cutting size according to your needs!

In addition, the cut part needs special processing, and we will also charge for cutting! We have found many manufacturers and tried many methods. At present, we are dealing with the cutting part in the most suitable way (processing quality vs. cost) that we can find. However, local cutting is not as good as the whole batch of CNC cutting from the original American factory. The cutting is accurate. If you cannot accept a little error, it is recommended to print the original factory size.

Preparation for uploading files

Our online ordering system accepts files in JPG/JPEG/TIF/TIFF format. The maximum transmission limit for a single file is 1GB. For the sake of printing quality, please do not compress or shrink images.

Sure, you are welcome to upload TIFF files to print your images. You are welcome to transfer TIF/TIFF files directly through our online ordering system.

We accept image files with embedded Adobe RGB (1998) and sRGB. If the file is not the above color profile, color profile without content, or uses CMYK color mode, we will convert or assign the color profile of your file to Adobe RGB (1998).

The larger the image file size, the richer the information contained in it, and the more detailed the printed metal photo will be. We recommend 300ppi resolution image files to make metal images, and 300ppi is defined as the "best pixel", that is, when the long side pixels and wide side pixels of your file are equal to or greater than the following "best pixel" When the value is lower, the quality of the printed photo is the best.

At present, there are many image processing software that can adjust the image size. The effect depends on the content of the original file and the calculation method of the software. We especially recommend the processing technology of Adobe AI. After many actual verifications, it is found that the details and clarity of the original image file When it is enough, it can produce a metal image that is four times larger than the original file. That is to say, the result printed at 150ppi resolution is also very acceptable. Therefore, we set the "minimum pixel" at 150ppi to ensure that the finished product quality. Please note that if the pixel of the file does not reach 150ppi, our system will issue a warning message. If you want to continue to complete your order process, please go to the "Resolution < 150 ppi" area to continue ordering.

In particular, remind you that the image file size we recommend here and the impact of the resolution on the printing quality of the metal image refer to the file size of your original shooting, and do not include the use of post-production software to expand or increase the file size The file size after resolution.

Photo size (inch) and pixel (pixel) comparison table

Photo size (in inches) | 300ppi (best) | 150ppi (minimum pixels)
8 x 10" (about 20 x 25 cm) | 2400 x 3000 ppi | 1200 x 1500 ppi
8 x 12" (about 20 x 30 cm) | 2400 x 3600 ppi | 1200 x 1800 ppi
12 x 16" (about 30 x 40 cm) | 3600 x 4800 ppi | 1800 x 2400 ppi
12 x 18" (about 30 x 45 cm) | 3600 x 5400 ppi | 1800 x 2700 ppi
16 x 24" (about 40 x 60 cm) | 4800 x 7200 ppi | 2400 x3600 ppi
20 x 30" (about 50 x 75 cm) |6000 x 9000 ppi | 3000 x 4500 ppi
24 x 30" (about 60 x 75 cm)|7200 x 9000 ppi|3600 x 4500 ppi
24 x 36" (about 60 x 90 cm)|7200 x 10800 ppi|3600 x 5400 ppi
30 x 40" (about 75 x 100 cm) |9000 x 12000 ppi | 4500 x 6000 ppi
32 x 40" (about 80 x 100 cm) | 9600 x 12000 ppi | 4800 x 6000 ppi
40 x 60" (about 100 x 150 cm)|12000 x 18000 ppi|6000 x 9000 ppi
10 x 10" (about 25 x 25 cm)| 3000 x 3000 ppi | 1500 x 1500 ppi
16 x 16" (about 40 x 40 cm)|4800 x 4800 ppi|2400 x 2400 ppi
20 x 20" (about 50 x 50 cm) | 6000 x 6000 ppi | 3000 x 3000 ppi

It is worth mentioning that the system cannot judge the quality of the original image file, such as clarity and darkness, so before uploading the file, we recommend that you enlarge the file to at least 100%-200% on the computer. Check the details of the image file in detail to avoid a slight gap between the result and the imagination.

- Find the file you want to query, move the cursor to the file, click the right mouse button - the information and content of the file will be opened - select "Properties"
- Select "Details" in the "Properties" window
- Find "Dimensions" under the "Camera" item
- The information shown here is the pixel information for the file

- Find and select the file you want to query - Press the Command key and the "I" English key on the keyboard at the same time - The information and content of the file will be opened - Under the "More Info" item, look for "Dimensions"
- The information shown here is the pixel information for the file

Product and Printing Issues

We believe that printing exclusive samples with images taken by ourselves can not only fully experience the charm of metal printing, but also be closer to the state of your actual printed works in the future. We provide the following paid proofing services:

You are free to choose a metal print of 8"x10" or larger size for proofing purposes. When you decide to print a larger size metal print of the same image within two weeks after receiving the metal print, please be kind in advance. Let us know by e-mail that we will provide you with a 20% discount (20% off) for small-sized proofing products (except accessories and shipping).

"Bleeding" is a proper term for printing, and it is one of the pre-press typesetting operations. Here, it means that in the printing process, in order to avoid leaving white edges around the metal image, the output image file is extended beyond the finished product to ensure that The printed finished product must be a full page. For different sizes of bleeds, please refer to:

What size file should I prepare?

For the completed metal prints and works including the outer frame, the visible range of the work needs to deduct the frontal width of the outer frame, which is the final appearance of the work. The details are as follows:

- Frameless picture back hanging frame: no extra frame width - simple metal frame: frame width on each side: 0.8cm
- Collection metal frame: frame width on each side: 0.6cm

Please do not place important images or texts in the bleed area. Please place them in the middle of the image to avoid affecting the integrity of the work.

In order to present the best printing quality of metal printing and enhance the viewing experience, we provide free expansion, sharpening and adjustment of contrast and brightness. These adjustments are not only necessary steps, but also one of our standardized printing processes. However , in order to avoid that the printing results do not meet expectations, before printing medium and large works, we highly recommend that you print small-sized products for proofing purposes, or order our samples to experience the actual printed works. state.

Remind you that we will not ask for any other special adjustments to individual files, but we will carefully check each image file we receive, and when we find some doubts about the file, including dust spots, post-production traces, etc., we will take the initiative to contact And inform you that we will proceed to the next step after you confirm that it is correct.

We currently provide a limited manual retouching service, which can be purchased on the product page, and you are welcome to write to us in advance.

Color Management Issues

Rest assured, the answer is yes.

We have the "Professional Color Control Expert" certification from X-Rite PANTONE, an authority on color technology. From file preparation to printed products, we follow a strict color management system throughout the process to ensure color accuracy. Intimate reminder, if you want the metal image to be close to the color of the computer screen, please be sure to calibrate your screen regularly.

Even in the field of giclee printing, regardless of whether the same paper is used or not, the same file is sent to different image output centers for output, and the color performance, light and dark contrast and layering sensitivity of the photos will be slightly different. The base material of Dazzling Metal Printing is metal aluminum plate, which is very different from photo paper in terms of material. In addition, the process principle is completely different. Of course, the finished product will be different from the photos output by micro-jet printing, especially In terms of color saturation, brightness contrast level and 3D stereoscopic effect.

Not only do we follow standard color management principles to print every dazzling metal print, but the process research room is also located in the "Ministry of Economic Affairs Central Taiwan Innovation Park" with a perfect environment and rich R&D resources, and is committed to printing high-quality metal prints.

The printing process of dazzling metallic printing is completely different from other micro-jet printing or traditional photosensitive paper. We have developed a standardization and process through regular screen color calibration and the use of appropriate RIP software (Raster Image Processor). An optimized printing environment to maintain the consistency of the printing results, among which the clever use of RIP software can be said to be the key link. Through RIP, we can produce a color description file that complies with ICC, as well as a number of other printing process controls to achieve the goal of reducing color difference. Purpose, no need to worry about serious color cast.

shipping problem

Metal prints require certain packaging methods to ensure their safety during delivery, so our carton boxes will be larger than the actual works. In order to take into account the safety of product delivery, we currently do not have face-to-face pick-up services. All Products are delivered by post or freight to your home.

We specially order special-sized carton boxes and adopt certain packaging methods to ensure that the goods can be delivered to you safely and soundly, and the goods above 12 x 18 inches have exceeded the shipping size limit of the home delivery express company, plus The cost of registered parcels at the post office is not only reasonable, but also the shipping is very efficient. Therefore, we uniformly deliver the goods by registered post office.

If you order a product with a size of 32 x 40 inches or larger, because it exceeds the delivery size of the registered post office, we will deliver it to the designated address by way of art delivery. As it is a combined car service, the number of delivery days depends on the current situation. It takes about 5 to 20 working days to be delivered, and there is no delivery on Saturdays and Sundays. Please wait patiently.

The goods you ordered may be returned to our company by the post office or the freight company due to factors such as incorrect shipping address or overdue delivery. When the package is returned to our company, the logistics company will also charge a return fee Shipping fee, when we receive the returned package, we will take the initiative to send an email to notify you. If you need to reschedule the delivery, we will ask you to pay the return fee plus the shipping fee for reshipment. After your payment is completed, we will Will resend it for you.

Yes, we have overseas delivery services. If you need overseas delivery, please contact us through online customer service, and please inform us of the size, quantity, details of hanging accessories you want to order, and your delivery country and details address, we will estimate your shipping cost based on your information.

order problem

We accept two payment methods: credit card payment and bank transfer.

Credit card payment: We conduct credit card transactions through HiTRUST's e-commerce online merchant cash flow collection service. HiTRUST is a gold flow company certified by an international organization (PCIDSS). At the same time, HiTRUST has fully supported the 3D Secure verification mechanism Ensure the security of transmitted data and ensure the security of your payment connection.

Bank remittance: We also accept payment by bank remittance. Please inform us of the remittance amount and the last five digits of the bank account number after the remittance is completed, so as to facilitate our operation.

When you complete the checkout, the order will be formally established. At this time, we will send the "Order List" to your email address. Please check the details again to confirm that the order is correct.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, we will also send you an "Order List" and provide details such as bank transfer account number, please pay within two days , and we will update the order status after confirming receipt of your payment "Payment Status", and the order is officially established.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please pay within two days, otherwise the order will be cancelled. After completing the remittance, please inform us of the remittance details. After the payment is confirmed, we will update the "Payment Status" of the order and start the printing process. You are welcome to log in to the official website and go to the "My Account" page to view the latest status of the order and Information.

Our printing time is 7-10 working days, excluding holidays, the delivery time of the item will depend on the size of the item, about 1-2 working days for items under 30" x 40", 32" x Items over 40" will take 5-21 working days. When you order a product, the estimated shipping and arrival date will be displayed on the "Your Order Details" page for your reference.

After shipment, the system will send an email notification, which contains the package or logistics tracking number for you to track the goods.

All delivery methods we provide require someone to be present to sign for the receipt. The logistics personnel will not call you before the actual delivery, so please be sure to arrange for someone to sign for the package at the delivery location from the next day after receiving the delivery notice.

display and hanging

The metal print hook is the same as the hook of a general picture frame. You can choose to hang it on a nail on the wall or on a hook hanging on a slide rail. That is to say, whether you want to hang it at home or in the office, Or in the exhibition space, as long as there are nails or slide rail hooks on the exhibition wall, metal prints can be directly hung on the wall.

We currently have two types of Shiny Metallic Impressions: Interior Panels and Exterior Panels .

The surface coating of the interior panel can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays, and its light resistance refers to the light source that is not directly exposed to the sun, so the general indoor space without direct sunlight is very suitable for display. Most outdoor spaces will always have the opportunity to receive direct sunlight throughout the year, therefore, we do not recommend displaying interior panel metal prints in outdoor spaces.

If you need to display the metal print outdoors, we recommend purchasing outdoor boards. For a detailed further analysis of the life expectancy of "outdoor boards", please refer to our blog post: Further analysis of the expected life expectancy of "outdoor boards"

The base material of Dazzling Metal Printing is an aluminum plate with a thickness of only 1.14mm. If the area exceeds 12 x 16 inches, due to the characteristics of metal, the aluminum plate may be slightly bent and deformed after standing upright for a period of time, although it is not easy to see with the naked eye. But as long as it lies flat on the table, it is not difficult to see its curved state. In view of this, regardless of the size, we store all metal printing materials flat, and they are also placed flat during the printing process to maintain the best condition of the product.

In order to maintain the quality and preservation of the work, we recommend that metal prints exceeding 12"x16" be displayed upright, and appropriate hanging accessories should be purchased to increase the display and preservation value of the work.

Ordering metal prints without hanging accessories is usually placed on an existing display stand in a work or living space for easy viewing, or light weight for easy portability. If you want to hang it on the wall, because of safety considerations, we still recommend that you choose suitable hanging accessories for safe display.

After sales service

Our online printing service is a personalized product production service. Each product is customized and not a mass-produced product. Therefore, this service does not provide a seven-day appreciation period for online shopping.

We will start printing immediately after your order is placed. If you want to cancel the order after the order is placed, you need to bear the expenses incurred (including but not limited to handling fees, printing fees, etc.).

Please refer to our " Return and Exchange Policy " for more detailed information.

If you find any damage during delivery when you receive the product, please submit an application through the customer service center within three days and provide relevant information, including order number, contact information, pictures and photos of product defects, and we will provide solutions depending on the situation .

Please refer to our " Return and Exchange Policy " for more detailed information.

For all orders uploaded through our network, the intellectual property rights of the image files are protected by our express "Terms of Service", and we will temporarily retain the completed works in case the product is damaged during the delivery process After a certain period of time, we will delete the file through standard procedures.

We currently do not open the service of making the same image repeatedly. If you need to make the same image repeatedly in the future, you only need to log in again, upload the image file, and complete a new order.

Please refer to our " Terms of Service " for more detailed information.

Daily Maintenance Questions

Yes, metal printing is very easy to clean and maintain, just spray the cleaning solution directly on the surface of the metal printing, and then wipe it gently with a cloth. Please be sure to follow the following principles:

1. Cleaning Cloth - We recommend using a clean, fine-textured lint-free or microfiber cloth, do not use kitchen paper towels to clean metal prints as this can cause small scratches on the surface.
2. Cleaning agents - We recommend using alcohol-only, non-abrasive cleaning solutions, and should not use cleaning solutions that contain ammonia, abrasives, or caustic chemicals.

Because the metal print is light and thin, care should be taken to protect the corners of the four sides when moving and transporting, so as not to cause bending and deformation, and to handle it with care. Be careful not to press or drop it heavily, so as to avoid dents or damage to the metal print.

100% alcohol-cleanable photos