Worried about the fading and deterioration of precious old photos?
Want to correct discoloration, reduce scratches, and relive your most cherished memories?

I want to put good memories in the daily space,
Afraid of yellowing, fading, and difficult maintenance?

[Old photo restoration]
We have exclusive technology to restore old photos and negatives to their former glory

[Reproduction of old photos]
With high-quality and durable metal prints, old photos can be replaced with new clothes.


Let you take the time train to relive the precious memories of the good times, accompanying you anytime and anywhere

. Happy childhood. Precious family travel. Invincible youth. The smile I want to keep most. The best old days.

Want to know how you restore old photos?

After we receive the original photos and negatives you mailed...

We use professional photo/negative scanners and scanning software to restore your old photos or negatives:

  1. Reduce the color cast of photos and negatives
  2. Reduce scratches and dust spots on photos and negatives

If the photos and negatives have clearly visible damage or lack of phase, they cannot be repaired by scanning repair software

After purchasing this item, we will further use post-production software for fine repair:

  1. AI repair to make the faces of the characters clearer
  2. Further reduce scratches, dust spots, mold spots, and noise in photos

If a photo has clearly visible damage or lack of phase, it cannot be repaired with post-production software, nor can it completely eliminate the traces of time in the photo.

After the repair is completed, we will email you the completed picture file (a small picture file with a length of 900 pixels, suitable for online sharing, not suitable for printing photos)

Finally, I don’t want to reproduce old photos, what should I do?

When you receive our e-mail, please reply us, we will deal with the follow-up according to your instructions...

If you are not satisfied with the restored image quality of photos and negatives, please reply to email to tell us, we will not reproduce your old photos, and will send your photos or negatives back to you.

As part of the fee, we will deduct the following processing fees:

  1. Fixed fee: processing fee for scanning, restoration, and photo registration (Taiwan main island) return fee, totaling $600
  2. Purchase fee: Image processing fee "Manual repair of scratches, dust spots, mold spots" optional items (depending on the purchase amount of your order)

The remaining balance will be refunded to your original payment account.

  1. Please reply to confirm that there is no problem, and we will start the printing process of old photo reproductions
  2. We will send you the original photo and negative, together with the completed metal print

Precious photo taken 40 years ago. Before/After Advanced Restoration


Widely praised by customers


Weiss Imaging is such a professional and excellent operator, with excellent products and excellent services, it is definitely highly recommended!
When I was working in the London art circle, I came into contact with many art photography works printed by ChromaLuxe. When planning an exhibition in Taiwan this time, I recommended this new medium based on my accumulated experience. Familiar with, but encountered a lot of opposition and resistance. Later, because of the photographer's trust in me, I decided to try new media. In the end, when everyone saw the work, they all agreed that it was very three-dimensional, with a sense of focused visual presence, and the color performance was also very delicate and vivid. It was an eye-opener and they affirmed Chroma Luxe, so happy!

YP Yen
Taipei, Taiwan

The quality of the metal plates produced by Weiss Video is very detailed and beautiful <br/>I tried two materials, semi-gloss and glossy, for this exhibition, and I like the finished products very much. In the process of communicating details with the person in charge, I can feel their professionalism and responsibility, and they are very kind and patient, and they are also very careful in packaging and delivery. Thank you Wei Si very much!

Lai Yuyan
Taichung, Taiwan

100% Satisfaction <br/>From inquiry, delivery to official output, and final delivery service, every detail is very careful, and the presentation of the picture is beyond the original expectation. This time [A Solo Dance with Shan]|The The Call of Matterhorn photography exhibition cooperated with Weiss to present the shocking pictures brought back from the Alps, and the inquiries in the exhibition hall were very high. Hope to continue to cooperate in the future!

Lin Jun
Taipei, Taiwan

The customer service is friendly, and they give pertinent suggestions from the customer level <br/>bring these high-quality products to Hong Kong. The customer service is friendly and gives valuable advice throughout the process, so that I, who is half-hearted, can quickly finalize the production of pictures. The effect is top notch.

Isabel Yee
Hong Kong Hong Kong

It is strongly recommended that everyone hand over the old family photos to "Siwei Imaging" to reproduce the classic style of the year <br/>When I saw that "Weisi Imaging" provided professional services for restoring old photos, I couldn't wait to send our family photos The baby's growth photos are handed over to her team for processing. As a result, the restoration effect is amazing. The photos of our little princess and the whole family have reproduced the happy scene that was taken back then!

Author's name
Los Angeles, CA