We are the printing experts for stunning metal impressions

We insist on faithfully reproducing the touching moments that are worthy of your long-lasting treasures in every image we produce.
Whether you have happy gatherings, wonderful experiences, or memorable days in the past,
We all use the most rigorous intentions to bring back the beautiful memories of time to every moment of your life.

  • Using only the industry's highest specification ChromaLuxe® aluminum sheet
  • We have both photography and printing expertise and provide a full range of services
  • Complete color management to ensure color accuracy
  • Listen carefully to customer needs, provide professional advice, and put customers first
  • Adhere to the delicate hand-made workmanship to complete each metal impression
  • The entire process is completed in the R&D process room and no outsourcing is required.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We uphold the spirit of respecting nature,
Insist on making only works suitable for long-term collection,
No waste of materials and no increase in environmental pollution!

From material selection, printing process, to packaging design,
We always adhere to the principles of non-toxic, environmental protection, and resource recycling.

Printing material: environmentally friendly metal aluminum plate

Use recyclable metal aluminum panels

  • The ChromaLuxe® metal aluminum panels we use are made from recycled and recycled aluminum
  • Recycled aluminum includes "pre-consumer" and "post-consumer" recycled materials

Non-toxic special surface coating

  • Lead-free, heavy metal-free
  • No phthalates (PAEs)
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Cooperate with suppliers with environmental certification

  • ChromaLuxe®’s aluminum is purchased from green and environmentally certified aluminum suppliers.
  • Environmental certification provided by the independent organization GreenCircle Certified LLC to ensure its recyclability

Printing process: energy saving, greening, and efficiency improvement

Settled in the "Ministry of Economic Affairs Central Taiwan Innovation Park"

  • Develop and develop printed products in a comprehensive R&D building with dual green building and smart building certifications
  • Use solar photovoltaic panels, water-saving appliances and recycled building materials to achieve daily energy conservation and ecological symbiosis

Thoroughly implement resource recycling and reuse

  • We recycle all paper, metal and plastic waste
  • We have a garbage collection room to handle all kinds of garbage classification
  • The remaining ink generated during the printing process is also recycled.

Utilize park resources to improve efficiency

  • The technical department assists in ensuring the safe setup of large machinery
  • The safety department assists in confirming the safety of the process
  • Operations department assists in implementing efficient energy use

Peripheral consumables: Use environmentally friendly consumables as much as possible

Use environmentally certified sublimation transfer ink

  • The ink is ECO PASSPORT certified, confirming it is safe for adults and children.
  • ECO PASSPORT is a certification system developed by the Swiss ECOTEX international joint venture.

Choose environmentally friendly packaging supplies

  • We purchase cartons, cartons and other packaging materials from high-quality suppliers with ISO 9001
  • We use cushioning packaging materials made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials to package our products

Choose environmentally friendly framing materials whenever possible

  • Our metal frames are made from recyclable aluminum frames
  • At present, there are still a few packaging materials using non-environmentally friendly materials. We continue to research and will improve within a limited time.

Meet your space planning

We have "official version" and "customized" a variety of printing sizes
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