ChromaLuxe aluminum works, will there be problems with sunlight exposure?

The collector asked: "ChromaLuxe aluminum plate works, will there be problems when exposed to sunlight?"

"Because your collection is printed on indoor boards, it is recommended to hang it in an indoor space with a roof. Of course, if it is because of the angle of the sun throughout the year, it is no problem to occasionally get the sun through the window!

However, ChromaLuxe indoor aluminum plate works are not suitable for places exposed to the sun, which will accelerate the fading phenomenon. If it needs to be placed in a space exposed to the sun, ChromaLuxe recommends using outdoor plates for printing works. "

To further explain, ChromaLuxe's ​​aluminum panels are actually divided into "indoor panels" and "outdoor panels". If your work needs to be displayed in an outdoor space, we recommend using outdoor aluminum panels to present your work. We currently have a small amount of outdoor panels. If you need to go one step further against the outdoor environment, creators and artists are welcome to use outdoor aluminum panels to print your works! For the official age analysis of ChromaLuxe EXT "outdoor panels", please refer to the following blog article!

Further analysis of the life expectancy of "outdoor panels"

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