Subject classification

〈田園風光系列 組件一〉,現已更新到藝術銀行網頁上。
邱麗瓔 《小島系列 》堅持追夢,成就藝術之旅
吳政璋《台灣「美景」-田園風光》 X 《炫采金屬印像》
這次展出的作品,有錄像、有ChromaLuxe Metal Print,也有藝術微噴輸出,沈靜的展間,美的視覺饗宴,卻有許多沈思與迴盪。
Xie Qimin's "Different Landscapes" - Yujin X "Dazzling Metal Prints"

I am very happy that Mr. Xie chose to present this exhibition with "aluminum metal prints", the two-dimensional works of Yu Jin in "Different Landscapes".

Qiu Liying's "Fruit and Vegetable Field of View" X Round "Dazzling Metal Imprint"
The round metal image, thanks to Qiu Liying's "Fruit and Vegetable Field of View" exhibition in Kyoto, went abroad to compete together
Jessy Lu "NET·KNOT·NODE" X "Dazzling Metal Print"
Thank you, let us carefully dig out the aluminum plates that have been shelved, and specially made this batch of "transparent bottom" metal photos...
Wu Zhengzhang "Pastoral Scenery" X "Dazzling Metal Prints"
Thank you Mr. Wu Zhengzhang for choosing "ChromaLuxe Metal Print " to present the new works of the "Pastoral Scenery" series.
"Dazzling Metal Impressions" X "Endless Life - Li Huiqian Solo Exhibition"
In this exhibition, after trying to compare various output media, the artist finally decided to use metal prints to reproduce the style of the works of that year!
"Dazzling Metallic Image" X "Essence and Fantasy"
Thanks to the exhibition of "Reality and Illusion" in Kyoto, we have added another place in the footprint of "Dazzling Metal Prints", which has traveled far across Japan!
"Dazzling Metal Impression" X "2022 Green Garden Art Exhibition"
Thanks to the two exhibited works of "2022 Green Garden Art Exhibition" for using dazzling metal prints!
"Dazzling Metal Prints" X "Beyond the Frame" Video Exhibition
With strong recommendations from experienced curators, ChromaLuxe metal photos have the opportunity to participate in the image exhibition opened today!
"Dazzling Metal Image" X "Feng He Ri Li: Absent Existence"
support Blessing of "Feng He Ri Li: Absence of Existence" , I am very happy to have the opportunity to cooperate with these two artists, and I also took the opportunity to go to Kaohsiung to see the exhibition !
Metal Print Studio celebrates its 3rd anniversary!
Do you know who is the first exhibitor in Taiwan to arrange the entire exhibition with dazzling metal prints? No surprise, it's our sister Weisi...
"Dazzling Metal Impressions" X "Lai Yuyan|Flowing Landscape Photography Solo Exhibition"
The quality of our products and services has been affirmed once again, and I am very happy that another creator has found a high-quality medium suitable for displaying her works.
"Dazzling Metal Imprint" X Lin Jun Photography Exhibition "A Solo Dance with the Mountain"
We are honored to have printed a small part of the exhibits and participated in Lin Jun's photography solo exhibition "A Solo Dance with the Mountain". The call of Matterhorn.
"Dazzling Metal Impressions" X Haoshi Exchange "Future All IN Art Exhibition"
We are honored to print a large-scale photographic creation by artist Zhang Zhiming. The length and width of the work are more than one meter to show the majestic momentum of Shenmu!
"Dazzling Metallic Image" X "Maggie Ng YXX – The Flares"
"Wu Meiqi YXX – The Flares" is a photographic art creation full of scientific experiments, combining still life, abstraction, and image culture, and chooses "metal output" to show its dazzling colors!
"Dazzling Metal Image" X "Tea Shadow" Creation Exhibition

Thank you for your satisfaction with our service, and thank you for choosing to print your first personal photography exhibition in Taiwan with dazzling metal prints! Congratulations and looking forward to the next decade! !

Participate in the "Our Island" charity photography exhibition, let's practice beauty together!
Exhibition Name |" Our Island " Charity Photography Exhibition
Opening tea party |2019/5/11 (Saturday) 3pm
Exhibition Venue Jazz Video Gallery
Exhibition Date 2019/5/11 - 5/23
"Dazzling Metallic Impressions" X "Our Island" Charity Photography Exhibition
Friends who like beautiful things are welcome, choose a photo of "Our Island" ~ What will be hung on your wall will be your charitable care and priceless good intentions.