Metal Print Studio 滿三週年囉!

Metal Print Studio celebrates its 3rd anniversary!

Do you know who is the first exhibitor in Taiwan to arrange the entire exhibition with "Dazzling Metal Prints"? Ha, no surprise, it’s our sister Wei Si’s photography solo exhibition held in 2017~

Four years ago, when my sister was preparing for this photography exhibition and researching what medium to use to exhibit her works, she was attracted by this medium that she had never seen before. Unfortunately, no one produced it in Taiwan back then, and she didn’t know how it would work. I took the risk of ordering from the United States, and paid Guisensen’s international express fee to send it to Taiwan by air... When I received the work, I could only describe it as a surprise. My sister finally decided that all 20 works on display will be printed by this United States. produced by HD Metal Print. Although the size of the printing was not too big, only 20x24" (approximately 51cm x 61cm), it opened the opportunity for us to become a professional metal printing company in the future!

During the exhibition, my sister couldn't help but think about it... If Taiwan can have a manufacturer nearby to print it, it would be great... I was heard by my brother-in-law who is the most persuasive, and I started to convince her that it is worth studying carefully; after the introduction , even if the business is not good, at least there are still my own works that can be printed... My sister was pushed into the hole by the phrase "at least there are still my own works that can be printed"! During the planning process of that year, my sister, who had no power to restrain chickens and was a 3C idiot, shouted several times to give up, but it was her brother-in-law who jumped out to solve key problems, so that our products could be sold in 2018. It was officially launched in June 2009, and at the same time launched the e-commerce road of printing dazzling metal images!

In the past three years, we have not been a hit, and the growth rate of customers is also very slow, but we adhere to the original intention and try our best to help creators produce unique works. Whenever we receive comments from customers, we are very happy, except for the shortcomings In addition to humbly accepting and improving immediately, it is more often because our attentive customers really feel it, and they are not stingy to give back to us. Thank you to every friend who ordered products and wrote reviews to support us, because of you, we have the strength not to follow the trend and continue to move forward in the established way!

In the past, we foolishly thought that if we worked hard to make a good product, the popularity would slowly increase. Later, we realized that the knowledge of e-commerce in the digital age is as deep as the ocean, and it is far more difficult to support a micro-startup located in a remote place than imagined. Sister Wei Si, who claims to be a female worker, thinks back to the glamorous OL life in the past, it is really a world of difference!

I heard from my sister that in the past, I only needed to wear beautiful clothes to work every day, and the work content was exhausting. After joining the company, I just turned on the computer to check the news, make phone calls to contact customers, and send and receive some emails! I don't understand, isn't the OL very good, why did you switch to a female worker? The elder sister replied seriously that although the previous work was glorious and beautiful, it was illusory, but now it is different. Each metal print is 100% handmade. Take the printed work in your hand and appreciate it slowly. It's a down-to-earth feeling, just like a farmer will involuntarily show a happy smile when he looks at the hardened ears of rice!

ah! This is what makes us the most different from other businesses. In addition to finishing things, we must also do things well. No wonder every time my sister is slightly dissatisfied after reading it, she insists on starting again. It turns out that everything is for that A little smile!

💖 It is to print the entrusted works well in India
💖 Please give us a smile when you receive the work
💖 To the next three years: Don’t forget your original intention, stick to your ideals, and move forward bravely!

ps Guess which industry Sister Weisi worked in before becoming a female printing worker? 🤣

【Exhibition Name】"I Am. Alleys|Random Places" Zhao Xiangwei Photography Solo Exhibition

[Exhibition Venue] New Paradise Art Space

[Exhibition Address] No. 15-2, Lane 11, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City (MRT Zhongshan Station Exit 3, walk about 400 meters)

【Exhibition Date】2017/05/27-2017/06/18

【Opening time】Wednesday to Sunday, 1-8pm (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)

[Opening Tea Party] 5/27 Saturday 3:00-5:00pm

【Artist Symposium】6/10 Saturday 3:00-5:00pm

【Exhibition Introduction】

This photography exhibition showcases Zhao Xiangwei's accumulated creative achievements from 2013 to 2015, starting from the streets and alleys near his home, traveling all the way, constantly exploring, introspecting, practicing, and talking with his own shadow.

Feeling that today's transportation is developed, information is flourishing, people are willing to travel, and vacationing in other places has become a major event that leads to a busy life. Instead, Zhao Xiangwei turned to pay attention: "Do we think that beautiful scenery only exists in distant places and cannot be compared with other places? The connection of daily life, after returning home after the journey, will the perception of beauty be put on the shelf?" "If you can face the daily scenery in reality with the mood of admiring the beautiful scenery when traveling, can beauty be everywhere?" This series of self-dialogues She started to use the alleys within ten streets near her home as the theme, and walked as a way to try to explore the neglected landscape in a limited area.

Through the creation of this series, Zhao Xiangwei transforms every daily walking activity into a journey of self-exploration: "What is beauty? How can I feel beauty in the usual paths?" Through uninterrupted repeated walking in the streets and alleys, Carefully study its appearance, and gradually appreciate its simple and quiet atmosphere. Using the relative relationship between the scenery and the intersection of light and shadow, it outlines the aesthetic experience between reality and imagination, and gives new outlines to the daily beauty.

This series of images deliberately ignores the unique local landmarks, and only constructs the visual aesthetics from the unnamed streets, fences, mud walls and other urban elements, and uses these characteristics to connect with the viewers, conveying that no matter which city you live in, even In the ordinary daily alleys, if you can think with your heart and focus on the present, you can not only find visual touch in the ordinary real life, but also raise a possibility. If you can concentrate on it, every ordinary experience can be transformed into A moment of truth and beauty.

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