Jessy Lu《NET·KNOT·NODE》X《炫采金屬印像》

Jessy Lu "NET·KNOT·NODE" X "Dazzling Metal Print"

It is a beautiful and happy thing to be able to concentrate and create freely 🥰

During the period of assisting Jessy to print metal prints, we had the opportunity to visit her creative studio and marvel at her willingness to explore and try various new ideas, so that everyday objects such as plastic ropes and barbed wire can be seen everywhere, through Her rich imagination and creativity have turned into beautiful art fabrics one by one.

Thanks to you, there is no reason for us to be lazy anymore, and we carefully dug out the aluminum plates that have been shelved, and specially made this batch of "transparent bottom" metal photos.

Thank you, let us gain knowledge and recognize Fulbright, an international research and exchange institution and program. When the exhibition was held, Jessy had moved to Taipei and moved on to the next project.

Soon, before summer, she will also be wrapping up her research program in Taiwan! I sincerely wish Jessy, no matter where she is, she will always walk on the road she wants to go 💕


Exhibition Name: NET KNOT NODE|Net Knot Node Artist: Jessy Lu (Instagram @lu_jue)
Venue: National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Center / Craft Design Hall 3F
Exhibition time: present - 2023/4/30 (Tuesday to Sunday 09:00~17:00)

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