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Is there any way to save the photos of coffee spilled and ice cream spilled?
Can you imagine spilling coffee on a photo and then having to wipe it clean?
ChromaLuxe aluminum works, will there be problems with sunlight exposure?
Your collection is printed on indoor boards, and it is recommended to hang them in indoor spaces with roofs, if...
Further analysis of the life expectancy of "outdoor panels"
If the "outdoor board" is installed outdoors in Taiwan, according to ChromaLuxe's ​​official information, how many years can it be estimated?
Color management can also be healed in this way, i1iO is praise
We will regularly dispatch ultra-high-end robotic arms to Control the color rendering of metal impressions!
Qiu Liying's "Small Island Series #Spring Summer Autumn Winter" X "Dazzling Metal Prints" has entered the national collection!
Thank you, metal prints have once again been recognized by the National Collection ❤️
Metallic Imprint vs Giclee Comparison Chart
In order to make a complete analysis, we imitated Apple Daily and made a comparison table of wins and losses...
Printed with tested inks, ChromaLuxe offers a 2-year "outdoor board" guarantee
Did you know that ChromaLuxe's ​​metal aluminum panels are divided into indoor panels and outdoor panels? Our dazzling metal prints are also guaranteed!
What will happen in 50 years?
We have always emphasized that there will be no deterioration in 50 years. Will everyone mistakenly think that once 50 years arrive, the metal image will collapse?
What will happen if the "Dazzling Metallic Image" is drawn with an atomic pen?
Q: What will happen if the "Dazzling Metallic Image" is drawn with a ballpoint pen? 🤔
A: Okay, let’s draw it right away to see if it can be wiped off!
What size is my file suitable for printing?
There are often friends who eagerly want to print a large size, but we refuse... There are also friends who are worried that printing a larger size will not work well...
Thermal transfection metal imaging. Process description
With the help of the exhibition "Peaks and Suns: Creation Exhibition of Absent Existence", let us briefly introduce the printing process of dazzling metal prints!
We have officially entered the collection media of national cultural and art institutions
Thanks to "Wu Meiqi YXX – The Flares", we have officially entered the list of media collections of national cultural and art institutions!
World-Class Media: ChromaLuxe X Yar International Photography Festival
I have participated in the Yar International Photography Festival for several years in a row, and you can also see the works printed by ChromaLuxe at the Yar International Photo Festival in the summer of 2021!
Want to take photos suitable for exporting as metal prints?
As long as you master a few tips, everyone can easily record memorable moments with images!
Discussion on Crystal Mounting Diasec
The original text of crystal mounting commonly known in Taiwan is Diasec, which is a special patented technique of pasting transparent acrylic on the surface of photo paper. Let us talk about this mounting method today.
Why Hospitals Choose ChromaLuxe
When decorating commercial spaces including hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other public places, choose installation art and wall-mounted graphic works that can be cleaned daily to ensure that the environment can always be kept clean and safe.
Discussion on the types, deterioration and preservation of digital image output
The climate in Taiwan is hot and humid, and it is difficult to preserve photos. This article lets us know whether the current storage conditions are suitable for digital image output works? If the current storage environment is not suitable, which new environment will be the best choice?
How long can my giclee prints be kept?
In order to gain an in-depth understanding of whether our digital photos and micro-printing (digital micro-printing) video works in our collection can really be preserved for 100 years without fading, we began to read foreign special literature ...
World-Class Media: ChromaLuxe X "WPC World Photography Cup" Competition
ChromaLuxe has been a sponsor of the "World Photography Cup (WPC)" since 2015 and became the competition's sponsor in 2018. first gold medal sponsor