-Printing Carton Upgrade Instructions

If you purchase a collection of carton packaging and upgrade it to a kraft carton, please accept and understand that there may still be indentations on the carton during transportation. This is an unavoidable situation for us!

If you purchase this program, we will:

  • Each work will be packaged in a suitable carton
  • Upgrade home delivery carton to kraft carton with cord set (12x8" items with top cover  kraft carton)
  • Pack another layer of transparent plastic bag outside the carton
  • Depending on the size of the item being shipped, multiple items in the same order may be shipped together or in separate orders

After you receive the product, you only need to cut open the transparent plastic bag, and the carton can be directly used as a work collection box/box.

For more details, please refer to Add Purchase Collection Carton Packaging