-Old Photo Printing old photo engraving process

During the process, we will send you at least three emails, please pay attention to receiving them, and please reply if necessary

【Placing an order】After the order is established, you will receive our email, which contains the address for mailing the original photos and negatives

[Send photos] Please pack it well and send it by registered mail

[Receipt of photo confirmation letter] We have received the photo you mailed to us You will be notified by email when the photos and negatives are original

[Scanning and Restoration Work] We use professional photo and negative scanning machines and Scanning software to restore your old photos or negatives:
  1. Reduce the color cast of photos and negatives
  2. Reduce scratches and dust spots on photos and negatives
  3. If the photos and negatives have clearly visible damage or lack of phase, they cannot be repaired by scanning repair software , please accept
  4. Adjust the sharpness, contrast and brightness of the image to reproduce it close to the original appearance, and it is also suitable for printing metal printing.

[Receive digital image file] When the scanning is completed, you will receive the scanned image file (a small image file with a length of 900 pixels, suitable for online sharing, not suitable for printing photos)

[Reply Confirmation] After your reply confirms that there is no problem, start the "metal print" printing process

[Return of photos] We will return the original photos and negatives together with the printed metal image

    If you are dissatisfied with the restored image quality of photos and negatives, please cancel the printing before starting the printing process , and we will deduct the following processing fees:

    1. Processing fees for scanning, restoration, and photo registration (Taiwan main island) return fee, total $600 (fixed fee)
    2. Optional items of image processing fee "manual repair of scratches, dust spots, mold spots" (depending on the purchase amount of your order)

    The remaining balance will be refunded to your original payment account.