ChromaLuxe 優質的表面塗層

ChromaLuxe premium surface coating

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ChromaLuxe metal aluminum panels meet the highest standards of safety

All surface coatings used on ChromaLuxe panels are resistant to all forms of chemicals , bacteria (Note 1) , pollutants , and pathogens . Because the coating is a smooth surface, ChromaLuxe panels can be easily and thoroughly cleaned with detergents, unlike other output media such as canvas, photographic paper, and powder-coated panels.

Due to the fact that the surface is composed of cross-linked coatings, all ChromaLuxe panels have neither open nor closed cells, which means that all our products offer protection equivalent to that of a closed cell surface - unrivaled chemical resistance and contamination resistance - to meet the most stringent safety requirements.

ChromaLuxe is the ideal output medium for use in environments where hygiene, cleanliness and safety are of the utmost importance , ensuring the safety of all who may approach or come into contact with the medium.

The environment that pays attention to image quality and highly requires durability and safety, ChromaLuxe is the perfect choice!

Such environments include:

    • Hospital
    • Dining room
    • Restaurant
    • School
    • retail store
    • company environment
    • residential house

Note 1:
While it is still possible for bacteria to grow on ChromaLuxe's ​​material, it is not a good host for growth. The highly cross-linked nature of ChromaLuxe coatings exhibits slower bacterial growth compared to other types of output media and allows for easy and thorough removal.

What does "cross-linking" mean?

As mentioned earlier, ChromaLuxe panels are coated with a cross-linking coating, and the chemical process of linking polymer chains together is called "cross-linking." The polymers of the ChromaLuxe coating are unlinked and free to move within the coating until production of the ChromaLuxe panel is complete.

To make this easier to understand, let's take pasta in a pot as an example. Imagine each thread as a polymer, and each noodle can be pulled from the pan individually. Cross-linking is the chemical reaction that links polymers together, and in this pasta example, all the noodles are now linked together and can be pulled out of the pan all at once rather than individually.

As coated panels move along our coating lines, they reach a point in our proprietary process where a chemical reaction causes the polymers in the coating to bond together; this is known as crossover Link. Since all polymer strands are connected end to end, they form one long, stable polymer strand.

100% cross-linked polymers give ChromaLuxe panels exceptional durability , scratch resistance , chemical resistance, stain resistance, color retention, and fade resistance . In addition, this cross-linked coating is also printed on ChromaLuxe panels, which can be cleaned with a variety of cleaning agents and will not affect the thermal transfer image.

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