-Printing Product Features

Edge treatment of metal prints
  1. There is a certain amount of bleeding when we make images, so it is recommended that if you have important images or text, please place them in the middle of the image to avoid affecting the integrity of the work
  2. The corners and edges of each finished metal print are rounded, which not only looks beautiful and stylish, but also has more safety considerations to avoid accidents due to sharp metal corners when you touch or replace the work
The quality of metal impressions

Before printing, we will personally check each image file to ensure the best production quality. If the clarity of your image or the details of the file are not enough, we will contact you by email and suggest:

  • Make a smaller-sized video photo
  • Or please provide a higher resolution file

If you still have doubts about the image quality, please cancel the order before starting the printing process, and we will refund 100% to your original payment account.