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ㄈㄈCetaCea + "Dazzling Metal Print"

Brilliant metal prints are not limited to printing photographic works. We are very happy to print her paintings for the lovely famous painter ㄈㄈCetaCea , and display them in the semi-outdoor of the "We. They" cafe in Zhongli, Taoyuan for a long time Space!

Why do you say she is cute?

Once you enter ㄈ ㄈ CetaCea My FB fans only have one sentence to introduce themselves:

"The Whale Who Accidentally Became a Human"

The cute ㄈㄈ does not deny her focus at all!

Why do you say she is famous?

Her paintings are currently being exhibited on-site and online at the National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung's "Whale Shooting - When Whales and Dolphins Meet People". Friends in Taichung are welcome to take a look!

|Exhibition Information|
Title of special exhibition: "Whale Shooting - When Whales and Dolphins Meet Humans"
Venue: National Museum of Natural Science|Fourth Special Exhibition Room
Display time: 2019.06.28 - 2020.03.08
Online version: Whales and people meet in the present tense

I heard that the diptych of ㄈㄈCetaCea is also available/aluminum prints/on sale!
Guess who she asked to print it?
Friends who are interested in collecting ㄈㄈ's paintings are welcome to private message ㄈㄈCetaCea ~

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