'- Notes on gift card

  • The gift card is an e-shopping credit issued by Weiss Image|Metal Print Studio. It is sold in a buy-out method, and cannot be returned or exchanged after the sale
  • This card cannot be recharged
  • Buying gift cards cannot participate in the "Beautiful Rewards Program" point collection activity. When using gift cards to order products, you can accumulate "Beautiful Rewards Program" points
  • The gift card has no expiration date, and the consumption amount will be deducted from the balance of the gift card
  • According to Article 14 Item 2 of the "Measures for the Use of Uniform Invoices", Weiss Image does not need to issue invoices when cash gift certificates are issued. When using gift cards for shopping, we will issue invoices to consumers at that time
  • The electronic gift card card is issued in a bearer manner. If the gift card number is lost, stolen, fraudulent, damaged, lost or possessed by a third party, it will be regarded as lost in cash and cannot be reissued, and no compensation for added value will be provided. Report the loss and stop payment, please keep it safe and use it