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    The store service is very attentive, and the reply is very detailed and fast. During the process, the status of the completion is notified by email, so that consumers are very relieved. The postage is fast, and the most important thing is that the quality of the product is very good, the photos are bright and the texture is very good, the family likes it very much! Super recommended 👍

    Wu Yuru
    Taipei City, Taiwan

    I am a photographer who attaches great importance to color reproduction, and I have never been disappointed when I chose "Dazzling Metal Print" to print works, even beyond imagination. Through regular screen color calibration and the use of appropriate RIP software (raster image processor), the person in charge has developed a standardized and programmed printing environment to maintain the consistency of the printed results, the contrast of light and shade of the metal aluminum plate and the level of feeling The brightness is excellent, and there is no need to worry about color cast.

    Jeffrey Chang
    Taipei City, Taiwan

    Weisi’s professional service lies in that when they find a little problem with the work, they will communicate with me whether they need to adjust it. They strive to pursue a more perfect result. I am quite relieved to entrust the work to them for production. . Thank you Weisi!

    Qiu Liying
    Tainan City, Taiwan

    Bring these quality products to Hong Kong. The customer service is friendly and gives valuable advice throughout the process, so that I, who is half-hearted, can quickly finalize the production of pictures. The effect is top notch.

    Isabel Yee
    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    The quality of the metal plates produced by Weiss Image is very detailed and beautiful. In this exhibition, I tried two materials, semi-glossy and glossy, and I like the finished products very much. In the process of communicating details with the person in charge, I can feel their professionalism and responsibility, and they are very kind and patient, and they are also very careful in packaging and delivery. Thank you Wei Si very much!

    Lai Yuyan
    Taichung City, Taiwan