6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio
6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio
6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio
6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio
6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio
6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio
6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) 直幅樣品|Vertical Sample - 瑋思影像|Metal Print Studio

6 x 8" (15.2 x 20.3 cm) Vertical Sample|Vertical Sample

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  • Due to the characteristics of the original material, the metal image may occasionally have slight surface defects or irregularities, please accept
  • Occasionally, the fixed size is temporarily out of stock, and the aluminum plate will be cut in Taiwan without prior notice
  • Provide free expansion, sharpening and contrast brightness adjustment, so that your metal printing can present the best printing quality
    • printing with high-quality ChromaLuxe aluminum panel of 1.14mm thickness
    • Printed and framed in-house
    • It is recommended that works over 12x16 inches be framed (inset frame or outer frame) to avoid slight bending of the aluminum plate over time
    • Lightweight and strong aluminum metal frame is selected as the material of the inset frame and outer frame
    • Use moisture-proof and anti-deterioration environmentally friendly PP corrugated board as the backboard material
    • All aluminum frames are attached with stainless steel lanyards, which can be hung directly on the wall with picture rails or hooks

    Edge treatment of metal prints
    1. There is a certain amount of bleeding when we make images, so it is recommended that if you have important images or text, please place them in the middle of the image to avoid affecting the integrity of the work
    2. The corners and edges of each finished metal print are rounded, which not only looks beautiful and stylish, but also has more safety considerations to avoid accidents due to sharp metal corners when you touch or replace the work
    The quality of metal impressions

    Before printing, we will personally check each image file to ensure the best production quality. If the clarity of your image or the details of the file are not enough, we will contact you by email and suggest:

    • Make a smaller-sized video photo
    • Or please provide a higher resolution file

    If you still have doubts about the image quality, please cancel the order before starting the printing process, and we will refund 100% to your original payment account.

    • we accept Adobe RGB or File in sRGB format
    • Please provide a file with a width x height of the following pixels or higher to ensure the quality of the metal print
    Banner work
    W x H (inches) pixel
    10 x 8 1500 x 1200
    12 x 8 1800 x 1200
    16 x 12 2400 x 1800
    18 x 12 2700 x 1800
    24 x 16 3600 x 2400
    30 x 20 4500 x 3000
    30 x 24 4500 x 3600
    36 x 24 5400 x 3600
    40 x 30 6000 x 4500
    40 x 32 6000 x 4800
    60 x 40 9000 x 6000
    square works
    W x H (inches) pixel
    10 x 10" 1500 x 1500
    16 x 16" 2400 x 2400
    20 x 20" 3000 x 3000
    vertical work
    W x H (inches) pixel
    8 x 10 1200 x 1500
    8 x 12 1200 x 1800
    12 x 16 1800 x 2400
    12 x 18 1800 x 2700
    16 x 24 2400 x 3600
    20 x. 30 3000 x 4500
    24 x 30 3600 x 4500
    24 x 36 3600 x 5400
    30 x 40 4500 x 6000
    32 x 40 4800 x 6000
    40 x 60 6000 x 9000
    circular works
    diameter (inches) pixel
    8" 1200 x 1200
    11" 1800 x 1800

    In order to avoid that the quality of the printed metal image is not as expected, when your file is smaller than the required specification, our system will not accept the file you uploaded.

        If you do not have a higher resolution digital image file, and fully understand that although the printed work cannot achieve the highest quality when viewed at close range, it is acceptable. Please click the above link to upload to the "Resolution < 150ppi" upload area , continue to make works.

        If you purchase this item, we will further use post-production software to modify the picture. Please understand and agree:

        1. We only remove unnecessary objects in a single image file, and cannot add objects that are not in the file
        2. We don’t memorize , don’t synthesize images , and don’t trim the figures

        If the scope of manual retouching is too large, we reserve the right to agree to manual retouching, please ask us in advance!

        If you purchase a collection of carton packaging and upgrade it to a kraft carton, please accept and understand that there may still be indentations on the carton during transportation. This is an unavoidable situation for us!

        If you purchase this program, we will:

        • Each work will be packaged in a suitable carton
        • Upgrade home delivery carton to kraft carton with cord set (12x8" items with top cover  kraft carton)
        • Pack another layer of transparent plastic bag outside the carton
        • Depending on the size of the item being shipped, multiple items in the same order may be shipped together or in separate orders

        After you receive the product, you only need to cut open the transparent plastic bag, and the carton can be directly used as a work collection box/box.

        For more details, please refer to Add Purchase Collection Carton Packaging

            High-gloss surface|semi-gloss surface

            two surface materials

            Our Framing Process

            Frame details of "Three-dimensional Frame + Collection Metal Frame"

            More details about Dimensional Mounting

            "Frameless picture back hanging frame", "simple" and "collection" metal frame framing details

            More about framing details

            Simple and modern "double-layer three-dimensional aluminum frame"

            More about double-layer three-dimensional aluminum frame

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            We use efficient Google Forms , a single form can upload up to 10 image files, and accept a single file with a maximum capacity of 1GB.

            lasting memories

            You can use clean water or alcohol for daily cleaning and maintenance, and you don't have to worry about the beautiful memories being covered with a layer of dust over time and losing their luster!

            It can be preserved for more than 50 years in the daily environment without fading, and it is not afraid of kitchen fumes or bathroom moisture . It can be touched in any corner of life!

            Environmentally Friendly Metal Imprints

            We uphold the spirit of respecting nature and insist on only making works suitable for long-term collection, which will not cause waste of materials and increase pollution to the environment!

            From material selection, printing process, to packaging design, we always adhere to the principles of non-toxic, environmental protection, and resource recycling.

            Hyunjae Metal Printing Co., Ltd.

            We are printing specialists for brilliant metallic prints:
            - Professional individual assistance - Best quality assurance - Customized handmade - Made in Taiwan by MIT - Safe delivery service

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