High resolution image file JPG/TIFF (photo scan)

High resolution image file JPG/TIFF (photo scan)

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If you purchase this item, we will provide a high-resolution image JPG/TIFF image file link (Google Drive), please download it.

  1. The link will be valid within one month after the notification, please complete the download within the time limit and keep the file properly.
  2. After the deadline, we will stop sharing the link and delete the file. We are not responsible for keeping the file. Please pay attention.

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If you need us to issue a formal quotation, you are welcome to upload a JPG or TIFF image file through this form, and tell us the printing details, and we will issue a formal quotation to you.

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lasting memories

You can use clean water or alcohol for daily cleaning and maintenance, and you don't have to worry about the beautiful memories being covered with a layer of dust over time and losing their luster!

It can be preserved for more than 50 years in the daily environment without fading, and it is not afraid of kitchen fumes or bathroom moisture . It can be touched in any corner of life!

Environmentally Friendly Metal Imprints

We uphold the spirit of respecting nature and insist on only making works suitable for long-term collection, which will not cause waste of materials and increase pollution to the environment!

From material selection, printing process, to packaging design, we always adhere to the principles of non-toxic, environmental protection, and resource recycling.

Hyunjae Metal Printing Co., Ltd.

We are printing specialists for brilliant metallic prints:
- Professional individual assistance - Best quality assurance - Customized handmade - Made in Taiwan by MIT - Safe delivery service

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